This sunday we celebrated mom’s birthday with a brunch at The Pollen Room, an event curated by florist extraordinaire Emily Baylis of June In March. It was hosted by and concocted by the oh so talented Mina Park of Sook and drinks were dreamed up by Anya Montague, the gifted cocktail designer behind Travelling Bartenders.

Here is our small feature of this cozy sunday, though we wish you could have been there in person to see, smell and taste. It was truly a wonderful experience.

We absolutely loved the colourful and poetic ceiling of flowers draping over Sook’s light-filled studio. The explosion of green with hints of red, yellow and white reminded us of spring’s splendour when flowers are blooming and the air is scented with freshness.

We were greeted with a light and refereshing cocktail named the ‘Meadowsweet’ – Lillet, pear, lemon, blossom honey and bubbles – and a colourful spread of savoury bites presented on Mina’s collection of wooden boards that is to die for.

The brunch involved tasty and tasteful botanical cocktails (The Nettle a mix of Scotch, Nettle leaf and Citric Fizz was our favorite) and both deliciously looking and flavourful creations by Mina inspired by her many travels and botanicals from around the world.

We’re grateful to the incredibly talented hosts that put together this delightful gathering. Bringing people around the table to dine, commune, laugh and share an experience together is everything we relish. Mom was over the moon !

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